DiamondTech Solutions Domain & Web Hosting Terms of Service


Our Money Back Guarantee

Hosting services are 100% refundable for first time customers only, within the first 10 days of subscription. Domain registration and SSL Certificate fees are non-refundable. Refunds are issued in the form of a bank check and addressed to the credit card payee. In all other cases, including situations where customers do not wish to wait for a bank check by mail, refunds made back to the original method of payment will be subject to a 2% transaction processing fee.


DiamondTech Solutions' web hosting services are "no contract" web hosting services. You pay for the term of service you want and renew based on the payment method and frequency selected within this order system, or subsequently selected. DTS does not prorate hosting plans even if you terminate services in advance of your expiry date.


You understand that in order for DTS to provide services, a valid credit or debit card must remain on file. Your subscribed services will auto-renew against your payment method until a written cancellation confirmation is received from the account owner.

Domain Transfers

In some cases we may be required to transfer your domains in to our registry; even when not requested with hosting signup. If so, it is because you ordered a service or feature thereof, that requires your domain MX records to be under our administration. For instance, the purchase of an SSL certificate or the intentional use or engagement of the sub-domain feature within your hosting control panel. These features require exclusive MX record access that can only be gained by a registry transfer. We strongly recommend that all hosting purchases for existing domain name be transferred for full control panel functionality.