Private Email Hosting

DTS One-Plan Private Email hosting is the perfect solution against hacking, and privacy-security sensitive persons and businesses that want hosting tailored for great performance and scalability with smart features for control and security. Our Email Hosting is provided on reliable UNIX servers delivering the power and speed of low-load, private, cutting-edge technology web servers.

Email is the treasure-trove for hackers, but you won't be included in the next wave of victims. Private Email Hosting is the only solution, and that makes DTS One-Plan ℠ Private Email hosting the best choice for your personal or business needs.

Features Included With DTS Private Email Hosting

**Payable annually.

Smart Autoresponders

program vacation message and more

The auto responder is used when you want the sender of an email to receive a message back from you as soon as they send you an email.

URL Redirect Tools

create catchy short urls

You can make web addresses on your site redirect users to another web address with the URL Redirection tool.

DNS Management

customize your dns records

DNS associates domain info with IP addresses by translating hostnames to IP addresses which networks need to deliver information.

Email Forwarding

forward email to other addresses

You have the ability to set up unlimited forwarders. This means that you can forward all e-mail from one account to another e-mail.

Outlook & Mobile Compatible

computer and mobile friendly email

All e-mail accounts are compatible with Outlook, MacMail, and mobile devices that employ POP setup.

Guide & Video Tutorials

save time with cpanel tutorials

The latest help guides and video tutorials for your control panel to make usage a breeze.

Browser Accessible WebMail

access email anywhere

WebMail is your email that you access by logging in to via browser. Every email account in your control panel can be accessed through web-mail.

Catch-All Email

catch-all or universal rejection

Catch any email that is sent to an invalid email address for your domain.

Email Track Delivery

get server side confirmation

Review an email's delivery route. This can be useful if you need to locate problems with email delivery.

Email Encryption

secure your email messages

Messages are encrypted using a public key however, they can only be decrypted by a private key, which is retained by recipient.

DTS Managed Care

email and telephone support

24/7 E-mail Customer Care. Mon thru Fri Telephone Customer Care.

Email Space Upgrades

upgrade email space to meet your needs

The DTS Private Email Plan can be upgraded to an additional 250MBs of space for only $5.00.

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