One-Plan For Home, Business, Email & iRadio

You only need One-Plan to meet your hosting needs! As a leading provider of Managed Care Web Hosting for Home, Small Business & Ecommerce, private Email Hosting, and now an iRadio; DiamondTech Solutions / offers hosting plans designed for superior performance and scalability with over 50 features for control and security.

Selecting from any of the base-needs DTS One-Plan hosting plans below, each of our web hosting solutions is a reliable UNIX plan delivering the power and speed of low-load, private, cutting-edge technology web servers running the latest cPanel .
Packed with ecommerce store software, Comodo SSL ℠ and security features, and fast database servers needed to exceed your Ecommerce Hosting demands -- your ecommerce data, email messages, and website have never been more secure.

Features Included With DTS Hosting Plans

*Extra purchase required.  **Payable annually.

File Manager

public and raw directory access

The file manager lets you browse, upload, delete, rename, and change permissions on files and folders on your hosting account.

URL Redirect Tools

create catchy short urls

You can make web addresses on your site redirect users to another web address with the URL Redirection tool.

FTP Manager

secure file sharing & mgmt

Set FTP preferences and protocols, and allows you to administer users to have FTP access to your site or files.

Smart Autoresponders

program vacation message and more

The auto responder is used when you want the sender of an email to receive a message back from you as soon as they send you an email.

Back Up Wizard

download backups for off-line storage

The control panel includes the ability to back up your site files and email as GZIP or ZIP.


unlimited bandwidth excluding iradio plan

Bandwidth is measured any time a file is uploaded to, downloaded from, or served from your hosting account.

Database Wizard

mysql & php admin

MySQL is the popular alternative to proprietary database systems because of its speed and reliability. Provided with phpMyAdmin.

DNS Management

customize your dns records

DNS associates domain info with IP addresses by translating hostnames to IP addresses which networks need to deliver information.

Custom Error Pages

temporary or permanent error pages

Substitute pages you designate as standard server error messages. Error pages are useful when you want error pages to match your site.

Email Forwarding

forward email to other addresses

You have the ability to set up unlimited forwarders. This means that you can forward all e-mail from one account to another e-mail.

Gallery Software

coppermine photo gallery

Add personality to you site; let visitors make comments, rank pictures and view photo slide shows. Photos can even be made into e-cards.

Guide & Video Tutorials

save time with cpanel tutorials

The latest help guides and video tutorials for your control panel to make usage a breeze.

Hotlink Protection

prevent 3rd party leeching

Prevent unauthorized URLs from loading files at your site, which uses your bandwidth. Redirect requests & specify URLs allowed to access files.

IP Blocker

block hackers & attackers

Block users from specific IP addresses or a range of IP addresses from accessing your site.

Outlook & Mobile Compatible

computer and mobile friendly email

All e-mail accounts are compatible with Outlook, MacMail, and mobile devices that employ POP setup.

Password Protection

secure files and directories

You can protect any directory with an unlimited amount of usernames and passwords with Directory Privacy tool.


discussion board software

High-powered, customizable bulletin board package. PhpBB3's administration panel and helpful FAQs make it an ideal tool for your site.

Basic SSL

secure data connections

Send protected, encrypted data over the internet, so a lock icon will appear in user's browser showing your site is secured and safe.*

Stat Traffic Reports

data to make critical decisions

AWStats generates server statistics including: keyword traffic, search engine traffic, hourly & weekly traffic, file downloads, visitor data & more.

Audio/Video Streaming

music and video file streaming

Windows Media & RealAudio is a format you can use to present multimedia content in a quick, low-load method.

Sub Domain Manager

easy sub domains

The hosting tool that allows an administrator to create a sub-domain of your primary domain. For example:

Browser Accessible WebMail

access email anywhere

WebMail is your email that you access by logging in to via browser. Every email account in your control panel can be accessed through web-mail.

WordPress Software

content management & blogs made easy

Industry-leading, easy-to-use blog and CMS software. Features include: instant publishing, comments, free themes & content plug-ins.

Image Manager

convert, resize, thumbnail

Create thumbnails from images in a directory. Scale the size of images in a directory. Convert the file type of all images in a directory.

Domain Alias Manager

use multiple domains

Domain alias makes your website available from another domain. For example, shows content from

Catch-All Email

catch-all or universal rejection

Catch any email that is sent to an invalid email address for your domain.

Email Track Delivery

get server side confirmation

Review an email's delivery route. This can be useful if you need to locate problems with email delivery.

Email Encryption

secure your email messages

Messages are encrypted using a public key however, they can only be decrypted by a private key, which is retained by recipient.

DTS Managed Care

email and telephone support

24/7 E-mail Customer Care. Mon thru Fri Telephone Customer Care.

Disk Space Upgrades

scale disk space to meet your needs

Any DTS One-Plan can be upgraded to meet your needs for only $5.00 per additional 500MBs.

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